KP Monthly is a free monthly publication, and will remain so.  However the website, programs used, templates, and resources used to make the magazine are not free.  So we ask for a $1 donation from anyone who enjoys or learns from KP Monthly.  

Any amount will help, and as long as we can pay the required bills we can keep making the same quality of content.  But with more donations comes a bigger and better magazine.  No donations will go into our pocket, they will be used to improve KP Monthly however we can.  Here is how we'll spend any donations that we receive:

Required (We have to pay this)

  • Website: $12 a month (Required every month)

Upgrades (if we can pay required first)

  • Upgrade download service: $15 a month
  • Increase Magazine resources: $20-50
  • Picture and logo commissions: $??  Depends who we can get to do it
  • Paid Staff: $100-$200 per issue (graphic artists, editors, writers, etc)

If you wish to donate, please do.  Thank you for all your support!!